Aeon Snow Surfboard Twin Fin 56x15
Aeon Snow Surfboard Twin Fin 56x15
Aeon Snow Surfboards Batch 2
Aeon R&D

Snow Surfboard Twin Fin 56x15

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Snow Surfboard made and tested in the Chugach mountains of Alaska. 1 of 5 handmade boards in Batch 2, this Snow Surfboard is completely unique.

Hand shaped in Bird Creek AK, complete with glass on fin and 6oz fiberglass wrap, these boards draw direct inspiration from the legacy of surfboard shapers and the surfboards they built. The inspiration behind the Aeon Snow Surfboards shows through in the way they ride.

New to Batch 2 are the epoxy grip pads. These are made in house with excess epoxy and sawdust from the board building process and poured in a custom machined mold and glassed into the boards. They provide superb and comfortable grip with integral adhesion. 

Akin to the turn of a surfboard on water, Aeon Snow Surfboards ride like a surfboard more than a snowboard. This is due to the rocker profile, glass on fin, intentional lack of metal edges and of course the binding free deck. All combined, the result is a surfy, snappy and flowy feel. 

Batch 2 boards feature a variety of original shapes sure to fit any riding style, each with unique attributes better felt than described. In short, the twin fin setup provides a snappier return to center, where the single fin flows and tracks in longer arcs. Larger nosed boards have more float for deeper snow and further rear weighted grip pads lend themselves to wide open turns on wide open slopes.

All boards come with basic bungee leash and wax already applied. Never hotwax these boards, a light rub on wax is all that is required.