We Are The Next Generation

   Fed up with overseas mass production and predictable rebranding, Aeon Skate Co. was formed by a crack squad of individuals called; The Next Generation. Unwilling to succumb to the dysfunctional trap that was the norm of their era, they plotted their escape through a focused attack. The target? Big business.
 Daunting yet flawed, the conglomerates had an army with resources and reinforcements. A successful attack would be neither rushed nor unfocused. Many long days and nights were spent at the lair, meticulously decoding the many facets of the enemy. Through their tireless work and research, a plan emerged, headlined by the problem it aimed to address:
   With so much of the population settling for a life of subservience and dissatisfaction, the trodden path had become miserable.
   The Next Generation was determined to make a difference by strong localized effort. Their heart and soul would be their advantage over their money blind oppressors. Build something for ourselves that we love in order to provide the best quality in terms of our products and our lives. The goal was simple yet so far away. So they began.

Phase 1
   Create products that we use  and know inside and out by designing an adaptable production space within our means. 
   It is crucial for QUALITY that our operation stays INVOLVED and current. We don't get stuck in old ways of doing things, we constantly IMPROVE by fixing things as they come up and PURSUING new ideas. Enough of the same, there is far too much of that. We will make new and innovative products that promote
Open mindedness
And creativity.
Phase 2
   We must bring our work to the people. Collaboration is key. We need it to fight greed, grow together and enjoy what we do. Through the lens of a camera, we can spread the word of what we do, how we do it, why it matters and how we got here. That lens isn't just pointed at us, but at everyone who likes what we do, how we do it, cares, and wants to be a part of it. We want you to be a part of it!

Phase 3
   Give back, pass it on, spread the spoils.
   Once the word is out, the fruition is near. As important as personal fulfillment is, freeing the masses and changing the norm is the goal. We want to prove that a successful life does not have to mean pushing your values aside. We are pursuing things that we love, not because of their financial value, but because we have a strong enough desire to make them work. We are choosing to give a shit about what we do by doing what we give a shit about. We are The Next Generation, and we will have fun before we die.